Re: procfs problems

Christopher Horn (
Fri, 18 Apr 1997 20:38:18 -0400

Dan Hollis wrote:

> Whether the information is in an external program or the kernel, it is
> going to take roughly the same amount of space. I for one don't want these
> tables (which will continue to grow!) statically in the kernel in
> non-swappable space.
> There is currently about 5 kilobytes of static text in pci.c, and IMHO it
> has absolutely no business being there.

Now that initialization code and data can be jettisoned it might make
sense to restructure the PCI code so that it just hangs onto the
information for installed devices.

There may be other areas of the kernel where some restructuring might
also help. Question, of course, is would the gain be worth the effort?
For the PCI stuff maybe, as it will keep growing.