Re: 3c59x fails to work in 2.0.30

Harald Koenig (
Fri, 18 Apr 1997 18:58:26 +0200

On Apr 18, Michael Boettger wrote:

> But as Dave M. posted some days ago, he will take care of the bugs reports
> and try to merge the fixes made to the driver included in the kerneltree
> to the most reicent version. So maybe we'll see a fullfeatured v0.39
> driver in the next kernel release.

v0.38 and v0.39 (and 0.40 too) all show severe problems for our 3c905 cards.

when trying to receive sustained data on 100MBit we only get ~200kBytes/sec
on PPro200 machines. using v0.37 we get ~6-8MB/sec (Rx and Tx).


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