[autofs 970417] stuck mounts

B. James Phillippe (bryan@Terran.ORG)
Fri, 18 Apr 1997 00:46:43 -0700


Using autofs compiled as a module (2.1.35) and autofs tools
970417, I've managed to end up with a "stuck mount"; busy and unmountable
with no process holding it open (according to fuser).
I ran the following command:

automount /mnt/test-mount file /tmp/test.autofs

where /tmp/auto.fs looks like this:

dir1 earth:/home/bryan
dir2 earth:/tmp

(Note the potential for recursion.. Unfortunately, an ls -LR here has the
potential of bringing the box down. Of course, nfs with -r does this, too.
I don't know what's the better behavior; to allow people to shoot them-
selves in the foot or to hack around this some way). ??

Anyway, when I try umounting autofs things with the signals USR1 or USR2,
it may (or may not) unmount the filesystems (both had been cd'd to and
then cd'd out of), but, I can't ever umount the root mount-point; it comes
back busy. I'm probably doing something wrong here. Any comments/advice?


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