Re: [2.1.35] PPP device increments after HUP
Fri, 18 Apr 97 14:30:27 +1100

> I'm using 2.1.35 with all the current fixins, connected to the Net via
>33.6 PPP (dedicated). The problem I'm seeing, is that when the
>connection is first made (after bootup, for instance), the device driver
>allocated is "ppp0". If the modem drops carrier, the scripts I wrote will
>notice that device is no longer up and will redial. So far, so good.
>But, after the successful redial, the device allocated is ppp1. Forever
>after, I can not get ppp0 to come up. This breaks the scripts the check
>the line because they look for specific devices to know which connections
>are up. This system has worked without modification since 2.0.something.
>It may have broken before 2.1.35 but I never noticed before.

If this is considered broken, then it was broken before 2.1.35. The numbers seem to be allocated almost randomly between 0 and the highest number of concurrant PPP connections.

I recommend just writing your scripts without assumptions about ppp device numbers (as to do otherwise will just make them break if you add more serial lines). A simple application of "ifconfig", "grep", and "cut" should give you the correct device number (or even just grep the appropriate /proc file directly).

Russell Coker