2.1.35 x86 failing to boot

Neill Mitchell (Neill.Mitchell@camcon.co.uk)
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 10:47:25 +0100

Thanks to everyone whos got back to me. Unfortunately it still won't
boot ! I've tried disabling SMP, stripping the kernel to the minimum,
make mrproper, zdisks - you name it. My saved 2.1.33 kernel boots
fine. Could this be something to do with the patches to
arch/i386/Makefile ? I've noticed the link options have radically
My machine is a 200MHz PPro with 80Mb of RAM, Adaptec 2940, 3C905,
AWE32. Its got 2 2GB SCSI disks, DAT drive and 16 spin SCSI CDROM.
Anyone had any strange problems with a similar setup ?
I'm now going to try download the entire tgz in case somethings got
busted. I'll post the result.