Re: 2.0.x Cyrix patch on 2.0.30

Cameron MacKinnon (
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 00:22:07 -0400

Mike Jagdis wrote:
> (The next 2.1 version will fix things, describe Cx486 family
> chips in /proc/cpuinfo correctly, recognise Cyrix M2 (if you
> can find one) and use AMD's extended CPUID to get the hardcoded
> CPU description on K5 and K6's. I doubt I'll find time to do
> a 2.0 version but someone else might)

If you want to be REALLY, WICKEDLY COOL, you could patch in support for
the K6's new syscall instruction: Fast ring 0/3 switching. Extra points
if you can make it work without having to recompile libc. Then you can
time thing and tell me how much faster than Intel it is, as I can't find
cycle counts anywhere. 8-)