Re: procfs problems

Todd Graham Lewis (
Wed, 16 Apr 1997 23:13:55 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 16 Apr 1997, James Hughes wrote:

> How about using ASN to define a MIB for the values in the procfs and get
> an enterprise number registered for Linux with the INA? The values can
> be read by humans as now in human friendly strings or in OID format
> depending on the method of retrieval.

I don't like this idea because I've been mulling it for a few days. 8^)

I do like this idea because it's a really good one. Also, n.b. that /proc
has tons of overlap with MIB-II variables already, and MIB-II could offer
some suggestions as to which information might be useful in /proc.

"Me too."

Incidentally, I offered the snmpd developers to register a Linux MIB, but
they were of the opinion that it'd be too much of a political football. I
think that Linux International might make a decent custodian, but I really
don't see too many Linux-specific variables that we'd need. There's
already a Linux-specific tree off of utwente's EOID, so that could be used
as well. (Hell, we could delegate a tree off of Mindspring's EOID;
namespace under snmp isn't that hard to come by.)

The ASN.1 part is a really great idea, though. I could help write the MIB
if anyone thinks it's any good.

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