Re: Linux on PA/RISC

Maciej Stachowiak (
Wed, 16 Apr 1997 16:54:20 EDT

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Todd Graham Lewis <> wrote:
>My understanding was that a lot of this (as well as the NetBSD port) was
>based on the original CRSG BSD work, which was of a tenuous legal nature
>(encumbered). There at least is the hardware documentation which results
>from the Sparc clones out there, which has no analogue for the PA-RISC.
>Then again, you're almost certainly more of an expert than I am; all of
>what I just said is 100% hearsay.

NetBSD doesn't have a PA-RISC port, actually. (The "hp300" port is for
the m68k-based HP's.) If the MkLinux port could be turned into a
regular monolithic Linux port, then Linux would probably be the first
free monolithic unix-like operating system to support HPPA. Licensing
conflicts would probably prevent moving code straight from the Mach
kernel into the Linux server, though.

- Maciej Stachowiak