Re: 2.1.35 ipv6 SMP - can't compile
Wed, 16 Apr 97 23:07:20 +1100

>> Here's what I got when I mistakenly compiled 2.1.35 with SMP. It compiles
>fine when SMP isn't defined in the main make file.

>The following patch (posted recently by under the
>subject"2.1.34 - four tiny but really necessary fixes") corrects the same
>error in 2.1.34 so it should work as well:

>diff -Bbur c2134/include/asm-i386/hardirq.h l2134/include/asm-i386/hardirq
>--- c2134/include/asm-i386/hardirq.h Mon Apr 14 17:08:53 1997 +++
>l2134/include/asm-i386/hardirq.h Tue Apr 15 13:42:20 1997 @@ -19,6 +19,7
> #else
> #include <asm/atomic.h>
>+#include <asm/smp.h>
> extern unsigned char global_irq_holder;
> extern unsigned volatile int global_irq_lock;

Thanks for the information, however I have no great interest in SMP at the moment. So I'm sending this to the list so those who are interested in SMP can check it out.

Russell Coker