Re: procfs problems

Martin von Loewis (
Wed, 16 Apr 1997 12:16:58 +0200

> I agree with the idea of standardizing the /proc filesystem. However,
> I would like this to go further than just reformatting the current output.
> All drivers should report statistics in a standard way. Let me give you
> an example:

before you throw away /proc and rewrite it from scratch (:-) please have
a look at sysctl(2). It gives you
- a hierarchical structuring for kernel parameters
- instant /proc support representing this hiearchy in a human-readably way
- support for programmatically reading and writing this information
without relying on /proc being present, and without having to write
parsers for /proc information.

I believe Stephen Tweedie did a great job when designing this interface,
so please use it.