Re: v2.0.30

Jon Lewis (
Wed, 16 Apr 1997 00:52:34 -0400 (EDT)

On Tue, 15 Apr 1997, Stephen Zedalis wrote:

> SMP implementation). I'm glad you are working on a cleaner
> implementation, but several people are using the current no_atime, and
> the new fragment will cause patch to complain about patch hunk previously
> applied. Thats all I was trying to say.

It's fairly trivial though to patch in your patch collection and then do a
find . -name "*.rej" and then bring up each file and it's .rej counterpart
in your favorite split screen editor and manually examine/fix things like
this. It took a few seconds to see that one hunk of the no_atime patch
failed because it was already there.

Maybe Linus left the define in because he plans to use the flag later, but
didn't like the rest of the implementation. It didn't really matter to me
at the time.

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