Re: procfs problems

Stefan Monnier (monnier+/news/lists/linux/kernel@TEQUILA.SYSTEMSZ.CS.YALE.EDU)
15 Apr 1997 21:06:36 -0400

Dan Hollis <> writes:
> Looking at /proc/pci, it got me to thinking about kernel bloat :-) If we
> were to take all the text out of pci.c and put it in an external program
> (call it "pciconfig" or "lspci") and have /proc/pci just output hex
> numbers, we could save several kilobytes off the size of the kernel. It
> would also probably be easier for programs to parse /proc/pci if they
> needed configuration information.

I can only agree !
Entries labels should probably be limited to 8 character (or even 4) with
padding, so they can just as well be considered as a 64bits (or 32bits)
integer constants. The actual text can then be looked up in some kind of
hash-table in / (for example).