2.1.34 - four tiny but really necessary fixes

Tue, 15 Apr 1997 14:53:06 -0400

I find a lot of problems because my .config has every possible module
turned on (except for ramdisk and romfs). So compiling can be a Real
Challenge (tm) (or an integer challenge since it does not usually involve
floating point). Since make -k doesn't propogate, I am forced to fix
things. So I have:

Several minor fixes against 2.1.34.

The first is a clear syntax error that should be corrected, since I can't
get the compiler to generate anything without it.

The second causes depmod to think msdos.o depends on msdos.o, which
prevents kerneld from loading it (the symbol is external to another file,
so the combined msdos.o has a local declaration and external which insmod
resolves, but depmod doesn't figure out).

The third is my way around a now missing symbol:

c2134/drivers/char/cyclades.c: queue_task_irq_off(&info->tqueue, &tq_cyclades); /* it belongs to */
c2134/drivers/char/cyclades.c: queue_task_irq_off(&tty->flip.tqueue, &tq_timer);
c2134/drivers/char/istallion.c: queue_task_irq_off(&portp->tqhangup, &tq_scheduler);
c2134/drivers/char/stallion.c: queue_task_irq_off(&portp->tqueue, &tq_scheduler);
c2134/drivers/char/stallion.c: queue_task_irq_off(&portp->tqueue, &tq_scheduler);
c2134/drivers/char/stallion.c: queue_task_irq_off(&portp->tqueue, &tq_scheduler);
c2134/drivers/char/stallion.c: queue_task_irq_off(&portp->tqueue, &tq_scheduler);
c2134/drivers/char/riscom8.c: queue_task_irq_off(&port->tqueue, &tq_riscom);
c2134/drivers/char/riscom8.c: queue_task_irq_off(&tty->flip.tqueue, &tq_timer);
c2134/drivers/char/riscom8.c: queue_task_irq_off(&tty->flip.tqueue, &tq_timer);
c2134/drivers/char/riscom8.c: queue_task_irq_off(&port->tqueue_hangup,
c2134/drivers/isdn/isdn_tty.c: queue_task_irq_off(&tty->flip.tqueue, &tq_timer);
c2134/drivers/isdn/isdn_tty.c: queue_task_irq_off(&tty->flip.tqueue, &tq_timer);
c2134/drivers/isdn/teles/card.c: queue_task_irq_off(&hsp->tqueue, &tq_immediate);
c2134/drivers/isdn/teles/card.c: queue_task_irq_off(&sp->tqueue, &tq_immediate);
c2134/drivers/isdn/hisax/isdnl1.c: queue_task_irq_off(&hsp->tqueue, &tq_immediate);
c2134/drivers/isdn/hisax/isdnl1.c: queue_task_irq_off(&sp->Rqueue, &tq_immediate);

a "grep -l queue_task_irq_off `find .` >x.out ; for i in `cat x.out`; do
sed s/k_irq_off/k/g <$i >$i.fix ; mv $i.fix $i; done" might be more
appropriate, but I wanted something quick to make it compile.

The fourth resolves NO_PROC_ID in hardirq.h when release_irqlock is
actually used.


diff -Bbur c2134/drivers/net/ltpc.c l2134/drivers/net/ltpc.c
--- c2134/drivers/net/ltpc.c Mon Mar 31 15:52:30 1997
+++ l2134/drivers/net/ltpc.c Sat Apr 12 17:14:52 1997
@@ -1258,7 +1258,7 @@
if(debug&DEBUG_VERBOSE) printk("waiting\n");
/* if it's in process, wait a bit for it to finish */
timeout = jiffies+HZ;
- add_timer(&ltpc_timer)
+ add_timer(&ltpc_timer);
while(del_timer(&ltpc_timer) && (timeout > jiffies))
diff -Bbur c2134/fs/msdos/msdosfs_syms.c l2134/fs/msdos/msdosfs_syms.c
--- c2134/fs/msdos/msdosfs_syms.c Tue Mar 11 16:24:58 1997
+++ l2134/fs/msdos/msdosfs_syms.c Sat Apr 12 17:14:53 1997
@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@

-static struct file_system_type msdos_fs_type = {
+struct file_system_type msdos_fs_type = {
msdos_read_super, "msdos", 1, NULL

diff -Bbur c2134/include/linux/tqueue.h l2134/include/linux/tqueue.h
--- c2134/include/linux/tqueue.h Sun Apr 13 13:02:11 1997
+++ l2134/include/linux/tqueue.h Tue Apr 15 13:07:02 1997
@@ -77,6 +77,7 @@

extern spinlock_t tqueue_lock;

+#define queue_task_irq_off queue_task
* queue_task
diff -Bbur c2134/include/asm-i386/hardirq.h l2134/include/asm-i386/hardirq.h
--- c2134/include/asm-i386/hardirq.h Mon Apr 14 17:08:53 1997
+++ l2134/include/asm-i386/hardirq.h Tue Apr 15 13:42:20 1997
@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@

#include <asm/atomic.h>
+#include <asm/smp.h>

extern unsigned char global_irq_holder;
extern unsigned volatile int global_irq_lock;