Re: procfs problems

Miguel de Icaza (
Tue, 15 Apr 1997 13:31:08 -0500

> > And then, if people want to parse any of the extra information, they
> > should know the architecture specific information on the CPU before
> > attempting to parse it.
> It should be standardized. Right now there's *no* standardization in the
> kernel, which makes parsing the information the biggest pain in the ass.
> Having to write 5 different parsers for the same information is *not* the
> way to go.

Well, first problem is: which applications would really care about the
information on /proc/cpuinfo? i doubt there are any applications that
require this information besides probably the cpu type.

We could have a standard part /proc/cpuinfo part for those
applications that care about this and a architecture-specific part.

The standard part should have:

global: the port name, architecture type, number of cpus on the
system, number of active cpus on the system.

per cpu: the cpu type, the fpu type, mmu type, bogomips.

The rest should be architecture dependant.