Re: Question on BogoMIPS
Tue, 15 Apr 1997 20:10:40 +0200

Mike Jagdis <> writes:
> More realistically, this implies either that a gettimeofday()
>performed on reciept of the packet gives a time *before* that
>given by the gettimeofday() that was performed when the packet
>was generated (unlikely?) or that the first few bytes of the
>packet got corrupted somewhere. Can anyone reproduce this?

I've been seeing reverse time jumps on a non-SMP sparc today
on the order of 1/100 of a second. This is running 2.1.34.
I thought it was a sparc problem, since we were previously getting
reverse time jumps of up to 1 second on the sparc, but it may
be some other problem revealing itself. Just a data point.

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