Command line with 2.0.30
Tue, 15 Apr 1997 16:06:59 EDT


Since nobody else has mentioned anything about this, I guess I may
be the only person suffering...

Since 2.0.30 was released, I've discovered that it no longer takes
the command-line passed to it by my boot-loader.

I've not found any places (yet) that could have affected the command
line between 2.0.29 and 2.0.30 (everything worked with 2.0.29)

I've placed a couple of printk's in the code where the command line
options are initially parsed by the kernel itself, and found that the
string is being truncated 28 characters. (/proc/cmdline reports the same,
but I wanted to make sure).

The boot-loader is from Linux-FT (rev 1.1), and as mentioned before it
works fine with 2.0.29

System specs (some of them)

Intel P90, 24Mb
SCSI 1Gb disk (Conner CFP1080S)
SCSI cd-rom (Toshiba, Sun OEM for Sparc10)
SCSI DAT (HP SureStore 6000)
2x cheepo NE2000 clones.

Anyone got ideas?
I'd prefer to keep the boot-loader as it provides a useful menu system for
rolling back to other versions of Linux.
(I know LILO can do this as well, but it seems 'nicer' this way...)

Thanks in advance,

Adrian St. John

Adrian St.John (
Object-Oriented Technologies Ltd.