Re: Signalling from kernel

Andi Kleen (
15 Apr 1997 14:41:33 +0200

Mark Hemment <> writes:

> Hi Claus,
> On Tue, 15 Apr 1997, Claus Schroeter wrote:
> > I think implementing a kernel->user channel would be a really good thing.
> > (Lets think about it :-) )
> I've just remembered, there is 'something' available, the LiS (Linux
> STREAMS project). I can't find my reference to it, but I believe they now
> have it working.
> OK, I've heard all the inefficient stories about STREAMS, but it can be
> used for a kernel->user channel (this is how "syslog" is implemented on
> several UNIX OSes).

The linux netlink device is much more efficient and used for this stuff
(e.g. reading of routing tables from the routing daemon).