Re: UNIX: The Experiment That Failed

Matt Sapp (
Mon, 14 Apr 1997 23:57:36 -0500

>What was that fortune that if you build a system that even a fool can use,
>then only a fool will use it. Linux is much better, many folds more
>efficient, and not make just for Profit but for the sake of having the
>best OS possible out there. Those goal it has achieved.


>> > You people are still trying to promote some UNIX OS?
>> >
>> > Get real, this is the '90s.
>> >
>> > - reasons why NT will crush UNIX.
>> >
>> is based on NT ? If yes, they should try UNIX, couse the site is
>> broke.

Just a little side note, lets all remember to "telnet 135"
and type some crap.. I hear-tell it has some nice effects for that godly
NT he speaks of.


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