"The Linux Question" (Linux only runs on Intel x86 and DEC Alpha processors)?

Dan Hollis (goemon@sasami.anime.net)
Mon, 14 Apr 1997 20:59:03 -0700 (PDT)

On your page http://www.danger.net/ you state the following:

I have been hacked.

What, you mean NT *isn't* secure after all? :-)

Other than the messages of amused agreement from fellow NT fans,

Who have never touched any other operating system in their life.

They seem to be missing something: Linux only runs on Intel x86 and DEC
Alpha processors.

Please explain how Linux is running happily on our PowerMac, and on my
friend's Sparc. (I hear it runs on MIPS and 680x0 too! Gee whiz, batman!)

Oops. Maybe you were thinking of NT, which only runs on Intel x86 and DEC
Alpha (MIPS and PowerPC NT ports have been cancelled).

Therefore it is subject to the same limits that NT has on those platforms-
e.g. a maximum of 8 processors, and thus an inability to "scale" the way a
64-processor SUN box would."

Bzzt. Game over. Insert coin to continue.

I'm terribly sorry to hear NT is so limited. Linux seems to support up to
32 processors, and the actual intel MP spec allows for 256 processors.

You want scaling? Try this on for size.


Look toward the bottom. They successfully ran Linux on a 64 cpu machine.

Other examples of scaling include several Beowulf
(http://cesdis.gsfc.nasa.gov/linux-web/beowulf/beowulf.html) Linux PC

But, please consider yourself (as a Linux fan) exempt from my scaling
tirade. Because, like it or not, you're in the same boat as Windows NT.

Not really. We're not at the mercy of a single monopolistic vendor.