Re: Kernel testing
Tue, 15 Apr 1997 00:24:15 +0200

"Paul H. Hargrove" <hargrove@sccm.Stanford.EDU> writes:
>Network errors can be introduced by software on another machine (only
>do this on a private network!)

Really nasty testing of networking errors can be done on a single machine
disconnected from the network. It requires some hacked up kernel drivers
that look like a connection to a network device and software to drive it.
There is some talk in the TCP community on having a standard interface
for writing this kind of stuff. David and I have already offered to have
Linux support such an effort.

>Hardware errors can be simulated by software as well. Imagine a
>kernel thread (kerrord?) which would mess with pending I/O requests to
>simulate hardware errors?

Yes. I do this quite regularly to test networking code, although
I don't have a really nice clean interface for it yet. Perhaps a
standardized interface to introduce various types of hardware
errors could be useful.

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