Linux-2.1.34 - the bleeding edge

Linus Torvalds (
14 Apr 1997 21:52:30 GMT

Do you want to be a _real_ man (or woman), and run interesting kernels
rather than those wimpy 2.0.x things?

Now you can. What would you pay? 19.95? 14.95? Or even just 9.95? NO!
You can get a RealMan(tm) or RealWoman(tm) or even a RealThing(tm)
kernel for ABSOLUTELY FREE even if you don't fill in any subscription
information! (Void where prohibited by law. Entrants should be 5 years
or older or accompanied by a responsible adult. Only as long as
supplies last.).

The new and improved 2.1.34 kernel is out there for grabs, and
implements such stunning new features as

- on SMP you actually finally get _correct_ timing information for your
process (ie system/user times should actually be real, rather than
just guesses).
- the new interrupt architecture starts to work on sparc too (no
- the networking fixes from the boring^H^H^H^H^H^Hstable 2.0.x series
got upgraded.
- "intr_count" got terminated. VERY terminated.

Anyway, what makes this kernel so extra interesting is that some of the
re-organizations probably means that it doesn't really compile very well
on non-x86 architectures, but you should not see this as a mis-feature
but as a challenge. When your friends are all running the 2.0.x
kernels, and you tell them you're running 2.1.34, see their eyes widen
in surprise at your daring and at your skills in actually being able to
compile it.

You know that hot chick/hunk/thing/whatchamacallit down the street that
you've just been dying to impress? Here's your chance.

Where it it, I can hear you ask?,, and any other well-stocked ftp site in your

Linus "v2.1.34 - the _cool_ kernel" Torvalds