large device numbers
Mon, 14 Apr 1997 21:43:47 +0200

I just sent a largish patch to Linus.
It fixes a handful of minor flaws (like the broken function
key handling in 2.1.33) and adds system calls sys_versioned_stat
and family.

In case people want to discuss libc/glibc and kernel matters
concerning stat/lstat/fstat/mknod, please cc to me as I do not
read linux-kernel (or linux-gcc) and unfortunately dev.linux.*
seems to have been discontinued.

This is meant as a second step towards large device numbers
for Linux (I am currently running 2.1.33a with 32-bit dev_t on an i386).
On the other hand, Linus might never see (or dislike)
the patch, in which case you can ignore this post.

Andries -