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The Rev. Threshar (
Mon, 14 Apr 1997 15:32:51 -0400 (EDT)

On Mon, 14 Apr 1997 wrote:

> Am 02-Apr-97 schrieb Curtis' test dude:
> >Yes it does suck... I am glad to see I'm not the only one... It took about
> >an hour for me to transfer 100M from my linux box to a zip disk.
> Same for me! HDParm says that uncached speed is about 0,03MB/s, but cached it
> says something like 28,5MB/s ...but this speed is a joke, because as soon as
> I'm access the ZIP drive after writing to it (which is really fast first!), th
> ZIP Drive writes and writes for about 10mins...seems that the driver loads in
> all write access into memory and sync it down to the ZIP drive as soon as it
> is accessed...under DOS/Windows the ZIP drive is much much faster...
I guess you people have not found the wonderful Curtin driver. It makes
parellel zipdrives perform the Right Way(tm). With the standard kernel ppa
driver hdparm reported .05mb/sec. With teh Curtin driver I get .58mb/sec.
Quite an impovement eh? For more
info check out It also works
with the new parport stuff.

-Jeff Trout <>
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