Re: Eject of floppy

Alain Knaff (
Mon, 14 Apr 1997 19:04:08 +0200

>I installed on my PC a floppy drive from a Sun WS. I wondering
>if it is possible to eject a disk with the command eject as
>on Sun.

It is possible to eject floppies by command on a Sun running Linux,
but it is not (yet) possible to do so on a PC with a Sun drive.

You could try playing around with the DOR register, and see if
anything interesting happens. The following program allows to
directly output data to ports. The first parameter is the value to be
output, and the second the address (0x3f2 for the DOR). The DOR
(floppy controller's Digital Output Register) is at 0x3F2. The
motor-on signals are the 4 high bits. Possibly one of the unused
motor-on signals is used for eject.

Try the following:

outb 0x0c 0x3F2
outb 0x3c 0x3f2
outb 0x0c 0x3f2
outb 0x5c 0x3f2
outb 0x0c 0x3f2
outb 0x9c 0x3f2
outb 0x0c 0x3f2

... etc ...

If any of these works, I'll put it into the floppy driver.