Re: UNIX: The Experiment That Failed

Bob McDonald (
Mon, 14 Apr 1997 09:50:32 -0500

I believe you miss the point of the entire Linux movement. Besides being a
FREE operating system available to ALL people on a vast majority of
hardware out there, this allows those of us who wish to expand our horizons
a bit farther than Redmond, WA an opportunity to do so. I personally have
Win95, WinNT, and OS/2 (several flavors) along with LINUX on my machine. I
find that I can continue to learn something about both operating systems
and applications while using LINUX. Something I can't always do on the
others due to lack of source code, etc. I don't see anyone here espousing
that this will take over the world, only that we enjoy doing this and we
will promote it to anyone who will give us a bit of bandwidth. I support
the other COMMERCIALLY available operating platforms at work and find LINUX
to be just the ticket when I wish to challenge myself in my spare time. NT
probably will crush UNIX due to the sheer volume of MS users out there and
the vast resources of Mr. Gates. (And yes, I'm only upset with him because
I didn't think of it first. :-) ). If you don't feel the need to
participate with us on this project, don't. However, cut everyone here
some slack and don't waste our precious time with your rantings.

> From: Vladimir Mott <>
> To: Caldera-lusers <>; pink hat
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> Subject: UNIX: The Experiment That Failed
> Date: Sunday, April 13, 1997 10:42 PM
> You people are still trying to promote some UNIX OS?
> Get real, this is the '90s.
> - reasons why NT will crush UNIX.