Re: 2nd Linux kernel patch to remove stack exec
Mon, 14 Apr 1997 16:22:00 -0300 (GMT)


> When you say "those executing code on the stack will have stack
> execution permission automatically enabled" you do realize that any
> program which has a signal delivered to it will "execute code on the
> stack" via the kernel itself? Since just about every program I know

I do realize that: I modified signal handling.

> of which is of any utility takes a signal now and then during normal
> operation, doesn't this turn off your protection in enough cases to
> make it of little use?

It doesn't. Actually, I always temporary turn my protection off while
handling a signal, but it is enabled again for the rest of the code.

Looking at the messages being posted on the subject, I think some people
missed some of the stuff I explained in the message containing the 2nd
patch. I intentionally made that message in form of a FAQ, thinking of
the questions that are likely to appear. So I suggest to have a look at
that message once again. :)

Solar Designer