Re: ext2 filesystem corruption?!?!??

Frohwalt Egerer (
11 Apr 1997 15:42:23 +0200 (Alan Cox) writes:

>Linux 2.1 is to a great extent that stuff ready for testing. If you want
>to put a bunch of people together to write the "brutalize kernel" suite
>please do - it would be a great project for use on all OS's

I'm already in the process of collecting lots of "brutalize kernel"
tools to put them up at the kernel mailing list FAQ site

I'm quite interested in people mailing me their favourite kernel
stress test tools (or, even preferred, the location where to find
them). This will at least be a start, maybe I (or somebody else) will
have the time to make a stress test suite out of that.


Frohwalt Egerer

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