Re: CVS repository

Matthias Urlichs (
11 Apr 1997 13:34:15 +0200

Zach <> writes:
> funny you should ask. a friend and i were looking for such a beast the
> other day but couldn't find one. so of course, we had to make our own.
> we've got quite a bit of the kernel in the tree by now (at least 0.9..
> much earlier i think.. through 2.1). we're pretty close to having it

I don't think it makes sense to have all the kernel sources ever in one
giant CVS tree. Start fresh with 2.0, create a branch for 2.1.

> better yet, tell us that were twits and someone else is already doing it
> and we don't have to :)
Quite a few people have their kernel in their own CVS tree. Unfortunately,
CVS cannot do distributed repositories (i.e. have a local repository that
branches off a remote one). Thus, there's no good way to actually check /
version control your changes. :-(

There are a bunch of not-so-good-ways, of course. Since CVS has a few other
problems, the best way would probably be to implement a _real_ distributed
file version manager... one with free source code.

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