Re: 2.0.30 breaks ISDN

Hubert Mantel (
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 17:28:55 +0200 (MEST)


On Thu, 10 Apr 1997, Hugo Van den Berg wrote:

> It also occurs if the first try succeeds. I have the same problem, and my
> provider always connects on first try (well, almost always). The lockup occurs
> immediately after I give the dial command, either explicitly or implicitly
> using ping or some such.

There exists a new version of the HiSax driver (version 2.0; has a new
name, so it's not so easy to find) plus 4 additional patches.
Using this new driver at least rawip works fine for me on several
There have been reports about ipppd not working any more. We are currently
testing these things out. isdnctrl terminates with "bus error" after
displaying the settings for the first ISDN device. Maybe it just has to be

You can find the new driver on (the
HiSax-directory only contains the driver versions <= 1.5). You need all
files beginning with "isdn4kernel-2.0.29" and you have to apply the four
patches in that directory, too.

I have made a complete patch that goes into 2.0.30 without any problems.
In some hours you can find this patch here:

> -> I did not yet try Urlichs-ISDN, but will test this tomorrow.
> Please let me know if this works

Urlichs-ISDN works perfectly with 2.0.30 on a leased line (did not test
normal dial up lines so far). But this will not help you as U-ISDN does
not support your Teles 16.3

> -> 2.0.29 works without a problem (had uptimes of several weeks).
> my 2.0.29 is fine as well

We did some tests: You can use any HiSax driver from version 1.3 to 1.5
without any problem with Kernel 2.0.29. With 2.0.30 the system immediately
freezes when trying to connect.

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