[2.1.32] MSDOS (Daylight Savings bug) and ISOFS complaints

Thu, 10 Apr 1997 10:08:59 -0400

We just went on DST, but the MSDOS/FAT filesystem hasn't. Emacs gets very
confused (it says the file is newer, and it always will be by one hour
until DST ends). in fs/fat/misc.c there is a new chunk of code to try to
handle DST, but it is not working right.

Also, on a normal CDROM disk, I got lots of isofs_blk > EOF(2,4096)
messages on a disk which never did this before. It also reads correctly.
I think it defines "way past the EOF" too tightly. This is an infomagic
CD designed for Linux and FreeBSD.

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