Re: 2.0.30 breaks ISDN

Hugo Van den Berg (
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 12:34:41 +0200 ()

On Wed, 9 Apr 1997, Hubert Mantel wrote:

-> The problem seems to be triggered when there are two tries needed to
-> establish the connection. With isdnmon I can see that the system is trying
-> to connect using the first phone number. I still see the mouse pointer
-> moving under X. If the driver doesn't get connected and switches to the
-> next phone number, the system freezes completely. I could reliably
-> reproduce this problem three times within ten minutes, as it almost
-> everytime takes me two tries to get a connection. I do not know if the
-> problem appears if the first try succeeds ;-(

It also occurs if the first try succeeds. I have the same problem, and my
provider always connects on first try (well, almost always). The lockup occurs
immediately after I give the dial command, either explicitly or implicitly
using ping or some such.

-> I did not yet try Urlichs-ISDN, but will test this tomorrow.

Please let me know if this works

-> 2.0.29 works without a problem (had uptimes of several weeks).

my 2.0.29 is fine as well

-> Hardware: P90,32MB,NCR53C810,Teles 16.0, running for almost 2 years

Cyrix 5x86/100, 40 MB, aic78xx, Teles 16.3, running fine with ISDN since last

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