Re: [2.1.32] Can't read /proc (!!!)

Eric Youngdale (
Wed, 9 Apr 1997 22:43:22 -0400

>_isofs_bmap: block>= EOF(2, 4096) _isofs_bmap: block>= EOF(2, 4096)

This is rather strange. It kind of indicates that you have an inode
that is 4096 bytes, and we are asking for iso block number 2. Given a 2048
byte sector size, I cannot offhand see a good reason why it would need to
be reading this.

To debug this, let's start by modifying the printk in question
in fs/isofs/inode.c to print out the inode number:

printk("_isofs_bmap: block>= EOF(%d, %d %d)", block,
inode->i_size, inode->i_ino);

Next, do an "ls -liR" on the disc, to search for that particular inode
number. Once we know what the file in question is, we can narrow it
down from there. Offhand, I would guess that it is a directory - only
because directory sizes in iso9660 are always rounded up to the next
sector boundary.

To save bandwidth, I will take this to a private discussion between myself and
James - anyone else who wants to follow this, drop me a line.