kernel compile problem, 2.0.30, objdump/piggy.o

Mark Orr (
Wed, 9 Apr 1997 18:47:51 -0500 (CDT)

I'm suddenly having problems compiling the kernel (linux-2.0.30), that
I've never seen before.

It compiles all the way thru (make zImage), but bombs out saying that
objdump was given illegal argument -k, encaps: not found, and
ld: cannot open piggy.o.

I'm using libc-5.4.26 (the second one), and binutils (binary).

Yes, I removed encaps long ago, I've used all the 2.7 binutils put
on tsx-11 so far. Removed/replaced nm too.

I've tried everything I can think of: I tried binutils .10, .11, and .14
and it happens with all of them. Tried going back to libc 5.4.25, but
that didnt help either.

The last time I compiled my kernel was on April 2nd, pre-patch-2.0.30-2,
and it compiled well, also compiled 2.1.30 around the beginning of April.

Since late February, I've been compiling with pgcc (snapshot 970308), but
this time I chose to build the kernel with plain old gcc- I
compiled pgcc myself, and just moved the stage4 compiler to it's own
directory, so I dont think it could have overwritten any of gcc's

I even tried deleteing the source tree and repatching up to 2.0.30, same
result. No rejects, patching from 2.0.21 (where the 2.1 tree diverges).

So, I'm getting the objdump illegal option message AND encaps is gone
(verified by locate, find and which). What else could cause it to
do that?

I've also upgraded to (w/a.out support) and gone back and
forth with the modutils. (currently at modutils-2.1.23)

Thanx in advance.

Mark Orr