Re: Interesting Emulation/Project idea for Linux.

Alan Cox (
Wed, 9 Apr 1997 23:28:34 +0100 (BST)

> Commodore-64 machines, et cetera. In short, we have support of some
> variety or another for a LOT of current (and dead/dying) platforms. Now,
> since we have (Most of) the source to emulation environments for these
> various platforms available, what is stopping someone from adding hooks to
> the kernel to provide low-level system services to these emulators? Seems

Because they on the whole don't need any. The ones that do are DOSemu ELKS
and wine. Those use vm86 and modify_ldt which are in the kernel. Generally
speaking emulators don't need kernel help. Only those that use processor
resources and modes.

> platform. The _ELKS_ project might also benefit from work projected in
> such directions, since that would alleviate the need for them to actually
> do all their development on the projected hardware platforms. A little
> CPU, MMU, and io-controller emulator could be really handy.

I think its almost an insult to think we are that crazy. Most of the ELKS
work is debugged under DOSemu.