ATTENTION - 2.1.32 breaks DPMI in dosemu

Alberto Vignani (
Sun, 06 Apr 1997 13:19:51 +0000 (GMT)

After applying patch-2.1.32, as soon as I start any DPMI program in
dosemu the system freezes.

It happens with a CLEAN dosemu-0.66.1 under a CLEAN 2.1.32 kernel, gcc and binutils- *NO EXTRA PATCHES OF ANY KIND*
I checked with 2.1.31 again, and it works fine.

Reason: the kernel segfaults with 'general protection: 018a'. No other
info from the kernel. It looks like a bad segment descriptor generated
inside VM86 mode.
The dosemu log stops just after freeing descriptors in DPMI.

I looked at the .32 patch but there is no self evident bug, at least
for me :(


BTW. With 2.1.>30 I am no more able to generate a valid boot floppy: on
boot I only get register dumps (8000 AX:02FF BX:0000 CX:000B DX:0000).
Last time I tried (2.1.29) it worked fine, and the floppy drive is NOT