Re: TCP Stall
Tue, 08 Apr 1997 07:40:30 +0200

Dave Wreski <> writes:
>On Mon, 7 Apr 1997, Richard B. Johnson wrote:
>> Hello!
>> Good news, this patch, posted here earlier today, solves most of the
>> TCP Stall problem:
>Kind of funny its such a small one, too.. I see this is a 2.1 patch only.
>Does 2.0 have this problem?

No, 2.0 does not have this problem. The entire tcp retransmission
code has been rewritten a few times lately. I rewrote it sometime
in the run up to 2.0.0 to get retransmissions right, and Pedro
Roque rewrote it again for 2.1 in the process of rationalizing
and rewriting most of the TCP stack.

Anyway, in general TCP bugs in performance tend to be very subtle
things. Changes of 1 line usually make all the difference.

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