Re: Rebooting and APM halt

Tom Dyas (
Mon, 7 Apr 97 20:46:55 EDT

> I've noticed since the new reboot changes were put into 2.1.30 that my laptop
> compiled with CONFIG_APM_POWER_OFF no longer turns off when I do a halt.
> What program will give the correct sequence of stuff in linux/kernel/sys.c
> to actually halt and power off the system?

The change was first made in the SPARC tree since the notions of
"halt" and "power off" are very different. On a SPARC, "halt" returns
the system to monitor mode while "power off" shuts off the
system. Many other systems make the same distinction.

As a temporary fix, change the call to the reboot() system call in
your halt program to the following and recompile:

#include <linux/reboot.h>



And name this new binary "poweroff" or something close.

What should really happen is that the SysVInit maintainer whoever he
is should add a "power down" runlevel just like most other Unix
systems like Solaris have.