Kernel panics with scsi cdrom
Mon, 07 Apr 1997 21:25:46 GMT

Now don't laugh, but I use an old future Domain TMC850 scsi card to run
a cdrom drive. Up until now its worked just fine, but in 2.1.32 I get
kernel panics trying to do simple things like "ls." The message is:

Kernel panic: scsi: unsupported message byte 3 received
In swapper task - not syncing

I found that message in drivers/scsi/scsi.c.

By recompiling the driver without the "fast" option, it no longer panics
but I get instead:
_isofs_bmap: block>= EOF(2, 4096)
_isofs_bmap: block>= EOF(2, 4096)
usually in groups of two. This comes from fs/isofs/inode.c.

I've looked through the scsi patches for 2.1.32 and they all seem to be
bookkeeping changes, although I may have missed something.

I get the feeling it's some kind of timing problem. Does anyone have
any idea what might have changed?

Thanks in advance