Re: parport-970402 released

Michael Harnois (
07 Apr 1997 13:47:11 -0500

It also appears that using parport with 2.1.32 may have been
responsible for the Oops I was experiencing. I recompiled 2.1.32 from
scratch, applying the patches in a different order. The last full tree
I have is 2.1.29, so I patched up to 2.1.30, then applied
parport-970402, then patched up to 2.1.31, fixed rejects, then up to
2.1.32, and fixed rejects again. This was much more satisfactory, as I
only had to apply a few small patches by hand -- when I tried to apply
parport to 2.1.32 there were two very large sections of patch that I
had to put in by hand and I always do that with fear and
trepidation. However, the resulting kernel would always Oops within
the first five minutes I ran GNUS under XEmacs. Now I've recompiled
without including parport at all, and I've been running smoothly for
half an hour.

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