vfat problems (checking case of filenames)

Ulf Jaenicke-Roessler (ujr@physik.phy.tu-dresden.de)
Mon, 7 Apr 1997 13:33:37 +0200 (MDT)


I found a small problem in the vfat implementation. Unfortunately I
have not enough time and knowledge to find the cause in the kernel
sources myself. Maybe there's already a patch available or it's even
a feature?

I'm using Linux (2.0.29) and Windows95 on the same computer. I have
mounted the Windows partition as vfat to get all long filenames.

As I figured out, filenames on this partition are case dependent. I think
this shouldn't be so because in Windows95 and DOS7 the case doesn't actually
matter. Yes, Windows95 stores information about the case of the filenames in
special LFN entries in the directories. This way Linux knows about it, but
Windows95 doesn't distinguish between different cases.
I ran into trouble while I ftp'ed some files from another Windows95
computer onto a vfat mounted partition on the Linux PC. I got a message
like 'Error: filename exists'. The same happens if I 'touch filename'.
Note: Doing an ls yields 'Filename' and 'touch Filename' works fine, but
this is not the way it should work.

BTW, if I mount the Windows partition as 'msdos' instead of vfat the case
doesn't matter at all. And there is no option for mount to disable case
checking for vfat partitions (check=r doesn't work).

Thanks for any help,



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