kernel 2.1.32

Evan Jeffrey (
Mon, 07 Apr 1997 02:09:10 -0500

I just compiled 2.1.32, and I cannot mount NFS volumes anymore. First I get
a warning saying that mount is older than the kernel, then a bunch of RPC
timeout errors (cant connect to localhost -- and no, I am not try to mount
local drives via NFS)

I have mount-2.6d, if anyone has a newer version, please tell me. I tried
to get the newest mount-2.5, but it will not compile under 2.1.X (missing

1) Is there a mount-2.6 version that will work with the NFS changes, and if
so where.

2) will the latest mount-2.5 work with the changes, if so, I will just grab
a 2.0 kernel tree and swap the include/linux links.


3) where does one get the userland half of the new kernel nfsd
implementation? I am very interested in trying that out.

Evan Jeffrey