2.0.29 doesn't boot

Yakko J. Warner (yakko@wtower.com)
Mon, 7 Apr 1997 00:49:12 -0400

here's the scoop: i compile linux 2.0.29 with cyrix patches, and the AWE32
driver and a small fork memleak patch.. everything goes fine, but when i
attempt to boot this kernel, i get:

Now booting the kernel

system is unresponcive thereafter, requiring touching the reset switch (with
a mallet came to mind after the 4th compile)

so.. i went thru Documentation/Cahnges.. nothing.. checked for CONFIG_VT;
that doesn't exist until 2.1.x, apparently.. either i've missed something
obvious and need to answer the clue phone, or i've somehow broken 2.0.29. a
stock 2.0.29 works fine on my crufty AMD 486DX4/100 VLB.

harfware: step1R6 P150+, biostar MB8500TUC with 512PLB cache, 64MB EDO DRAM,
SMC 8216T ethernet(ISA), Paradise bahamas64(PCI), AHA2920 SCSI host adapter
using fdomain driver.. 3 IDE drives..

software: GCC, modutils 2.1.23, binutils, libc 5.4.27, ld.so
1.8.10, compiling on linux 2.1.26

'kay bye.
Yakko [*briiiing.. briiiiiing* hello? oh, hi, clue!]

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