Linux 2.1.31

Linus Torvalds (
3 Apr 1997 05:59:30 GMT

Ok, I just made 2.1.31 available on the normal sites (the normal sites
now include "", btw). This release:

- fixes some alpha and UP problems with 2.1.30
- does preliminary patches for new NFS implementation by Olaf Kirch
- adds a "autofs" filesystem written by Peter Anvin. This one can be
used to replace amd (aka "that monstrosity from hell"), and is not
only simpler, but a lot faster too. And while the code is just a
week old or so, I'd already call it stabler than amd.
- generalized VT/console code, allowing cleaner addition of different
- tq_scheduler was broken on SMP in 2.1.30, resulting in various
problems on ppp hangups. Should be fixed.
- various network driver updates
- BusLogic driver update
- ncpfs update (I suspect this one requires the new ncpfs tools)

I suspect I may _still_ have missed a few patches, so keep pestering me
about it if you don't find your favourite patch in the latest kernel.