Re: 2.1.32 - performance problems

Peter Leif Rasmussen (
Sun, 6 Apr 1997 20:39:41 -0400

Hari wrote:
>> I'll second that, and will extend that to the latest 2.1.x kernels. At least
>> since 2.1.26 have the performance been slower than on 2.0.29. For example a
>> 2.0.29 kernel compile with a 2.0.29 kernel:
>Have you disabled SMP?
>Since 2.1.27, the distributed Makefile comes with SMP enabled, ie,
>there's a line
> SMP = 1
>in the Makefile.

Thank you very much for your suggestion, which might have been valid. As you
did mention, it wasn't until linux 2.1.27 that the SMP flag was set as a
default, and I had noted in my previos mail that even since 2.1.26 I thought
that there was a slowdown.

I also copy this message to the list, so others may see that it is not an
erroneus setting of the SMP flag that caused this. I don't thereby excluse
other erroneus behaviour, but haven't yet seen anything that would suggest

This is a good opportunity to say:

Always check the top Makefile (makefile) before you start building!
-- unknown


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