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Maybe it's a 'April 1st' story. April 1st here in country is Lie's day.

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> (C) 1997 Reuters
> Mountain View CA. At a early morning press conference at its coroporate
> headquarters at Mountain View, California, Sun Microsystems announced that
> it has hired Linus Torvald's as Senior Development Manager for Sun
> Microsystems Solaris Operating system. In a recent press conference
> annoucing Mr. Torvald's joining Sun, Sun Chief Executive Officer, Scott
> McNealy, stated, "We're quite honored to be joined by the kernel
> programming legend that Linus is". The "kernel" is the heart of all UNIX
> operating systems. McNealy also stated that, " the spirit of Mr.
> Torvald's dedicated work on the free UNIX clone, Linux, we at Sun
> Microsystems have decided to release, in its entirety, the source code for
> our Solaris operating system and instead, copyright the Linux operating
> system". Sun also stated that the trademark "Linux" had been applied for
> with the United States Trademark Office. The previous and disputed
> copyright holder, William R. Della Croce, Jr. was unavailable for comment.
> Linux was originally created by Linus Torvalds at the University
> of Helsinki in Finland. It soon became one of the most popular free UNIX
> variants, being freely redistributable and freely available on the
> Internet. The Linux operating system, though initially based on the Intel
> processor platform, it was eventually ported to the Motorola 68000
> series, Apple Power Macintoshes and Sun Sparc series. Said McNealy, "So
> impressed were we with Linux's development on our Sparc and UltraSparc
> platforms, we decided it would be in the best interest of our user base to
> take advantage of the work that Linus and his Internet-wide team of
> developers accomplished...quite frankly, Linux outperformed our own
> product [Solaris]".
> The far-reaching effect of this news has yet to determined by both
> developers of Linux and end users. Because Linus Torvalds is not the sole
> developer of Linux, Sun announced that it was preparing "compensation"
> packages to all documented contributors to the Linux kernel that would
> possibly include Sun Microsystems stock and other offers. Sun also stated
> that until September 1, 1997, it would not activate new licensing costs
> for current users. License prices were not available a the press
> conference.
> Sun plans to market the product with the new name Solinux,
> keeping with the helio-centric naming convention adopted by Sun. A new
> development division has been formed by Sun solely for the further
> development of Solinux. CEO McNealy stated, "We are so dedicated to the
> continued development of Solinux that we are not using any of the
> development staff for our Solaris product to prevent 'code
> contamination'".