CPU load in 2.1.32?

Eli Bar-Yahalom (khatul@kaia.rifkin.technion.ac.il)
Sun, 6 Apr 1997 13:14:06 +0300 (IDT)

I have tried 2.1.32 this morning and it compiled well and clear. Booting
from 2.1.32, I hoped to have a few hours of relaxed work while listening
to mp3-recorded music, as I had been doing with my 2.1.26. Not so! Every
piece of code running on my system - including the every-minute cron jobs! -
immediately corrupted the sound output - sometimes even making mp3play
stop with an "Error writing to sound device", otherwise producing an
effect of a CD player (or alternatively, a rock performer) being put
through a meat grinder.

There was, however, no trace of an error in any of the syslog files.

Since mp3play puts a heavy load on the CPU (about 53% on a P133, which I
have), it may be suspected that something in the new kernel strains the
CPU. But the CPU load percentage (measured using "top") was pretty
identical in 2.1.26 and 2.1.32. I cannot solve this puzzle.

System: presently Linux kaia 2.1.26 #14 Tue Mar 25 19:28:21 IDT 1997 i586
during experiment - Linux kaia 2.1.32 Sun 6 Apr 06:47:00 IDT 1997 i586

CPU - Intel Pentium 133; motherboard - Olivetti.
Sound card - Creative SB 16 PnP.

Eli Bar-Yahalom. Haifa, Israel.