Re: [META] Draft: Linux kernel mailing list policy and FAQ Draft : 1.5 $

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Sun, 6 Apr 1997 11:05:40 +0200

From: (Harald Milz)
Subject: Re: [META] Draft: Linux kernel mailing list policy and FAQ Draft $Revision: 1.5 $
Organization: Linux.DE
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> - What is the current distribution mechanism for the list? Besides
> the now-closed news gateway, are there any more ways to subscribe
> to the list than vger?

I hope not. Plus, I'd reject mail messages from non-subscribers. I've read
many messages like "please reply to me directly because I don't subscribe
the list". This is not necessary.

> - There seems to be a web page discussing signal 11. What's the URL?

It is in your FAQ :-)) But it seems to be
inactive (at least my DNS can't resolve it).

> - Shall the FAQ be posted monthly, biweekly or weekly?
> -> Most answers I got prefer biweekly.

I think monthly is sufficient.

> - Shall the FAQ be sent to new subscribers of the mailing list?

Under all circumstances, yes. At least the first part describing what
the list is about. Together with rejecting messages from non-subscribers,
this guarantees that no one can ignore this. A couple of days ago,
I read someone writing "sorry for having posted here but I didn't know
the list was about kernel development". ...

The same should happen with all the other "core" vger mailing lists, as
-net and -gcc. I don't know many others, so this might apply there too. In
general, I'd go for the proposed solution for all linux-* mailing lists.

> 1. The kernel mailing list

In this section I'd also write that local mail2news gatewaying for a
number of people (at ISPs for example) is not wanted. Otherwise the old
problem arises again albeit at smaller scale.


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