Re: ALI 15xx support?

Trevor Johnson (
Sat, 5 Apr 1997 16:32:18 -0800

> This machine is fitted with Acer's V55 motherboard, and has ALI 1521 glue
> logic and ALI 1523 PCI eide controller.
> The kernel doesn't like this and grumbles about unknown PCI devices at
> bootup, but otherwise seems none the worse for it. Does anyone know how
> far off support for these chips is and/or if I should be sending it back
> and telling the client to get a non-broken motherboard?

The "unknown PCI device" messages simply mean the devices aren't listed in
the table in drivers/pci/pci.c. According to the MAINTAINERS file listed
with the kernel sources, Jens Maurer <> is in charge
of that. Send him the results of "cat /proc/pci" and (hopefully) he'll
make the messages go away.
Trevor Johnson <>