Linux 2.1.32 - testing new NFS

Linus Torvalds (
5 Apr 1997 21:09:53 GMT

Ok, I just released 2.1.32 (in fact, it's still being in the process of
being sent to Finland, but you can already get it from

This one contains various minor silly fixes to 2.1.31, but the big thing
is that I've started to integrate the new NFS code by Olaf Kirch. Some
of it isn't integrated yet (the kernel nfsd code is there, for example,
but not really enabled yet, and /proc statistics are unavailable because
the /proc interfaces have changed), but I hope that some of the rough
edges will disappear when people start to look into this a bit more.

The NFS patches have been available for a long time, so stability should
be reasonable. I'd be more than happy if people who are interested in
this would take a look (the /proc interfaces should be re-done to work
with the new proc code, for example - I was just too lazy to do it

Performance with the new code can be noticeably better: it depends a bit
on what you do. NFS write speed certainly went up a lot, and the
directory caching is much better too. The kernel nfsd allows for faster
serving too (but you need to get the user-level tools from Olaf Kirch to
do kernel nfsd).