Re: Repeatable hang with bad CD.

Gerd Knorr (
Sat, 5 Apr 1997 15:03:51 +0200

In article <>, you wrote:
>I've experienced severe hangs of a Linux machine running the 2.0.29 kernel,
>while trying to read a CD in a 4x SCSI reader.
>The fact is that when a defective CD is mounted and read, the machine finishes
>needing a hard reset. It gives some errors, makes retires, and aparently
>messes up the SCSI bus. I can mail more info if needed, sorry for not sending
>it now, but I'm not at work.

Had such problems too a while ago (1.2.13 days). If the drive had problems to
read a sector, it blocked the SCSI bus while trying to read the sector. This
produced all sorts of funny errors: I got timeouts for hard disk requests, the
driver tried again, and got an unexpected response (for the original request)
after the CD-ROM was done with reading the sector. The adaptec 1542 driver got
very confused and I had to reboot the box from time to time.

Increasing the timeout for the scsi hard disks (!) solved this problem for me.


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